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How do I enable this?

Getting Started

How does this work?

Tye build SDK from .NET 8 onwards includes support for “interceptors”, which are a mechanism for emitting code during build that redirects method calls. In the case of Dapper, this means we can replace the QuerySingleOrDefault<Customer>(...) call (above) and replace it with a generated method that has a compatible signature and behaves as we expect, but: using code generated entirely at build time. Making existing code compatible with AOT is one of the main goals of “interceptors”, so: we’re not doing anything unexpected here.

Does it still need Dapper itself?

Your project still needs to reference Dapper, so we can see what your code is trying to do. In many cases, enabling Dapper.AOT will completely replace the Dapper code, and you won’t even need the Dapper library at runtime (although there are some scenarios in which it will remain - for example, if you’re using the QueryMultiple API, the returned GridReader is defined inside Dapper, so it will be retained).

Does it perform as well as Dapper?

Yes. Usually at least as well, sometimes better. In addition to general optimizations (made possible by not having to emit compatible IL, which is very hard), there are entire new features being used in Dapper.AOT (for example, the DbBatch API is now supported, allowing multiple operations to be performed without paying latency per operation).

Is every Dapper use-case supported?

Not yet - not by a long way:

In these cases, we just leave the original Dapper code alone (and maybe offer guidance).

Any new features?

Yes! A few examples (there are more):

Can I see the generated code?

Yes; in Visual Studio, expand your project, Dependencies, Analyzers, Dapper.AOT.Analyzers, and look for the generated .cs files at the bottom. For other IDEs: refer to their documentation around “generators”.

Is this C# only? Does it work with VB? F#?

Interceptors are only supported on C# currently - so the AOT bits are C# only.

Analyzers (for usage guidance) are supported on C# and VB (if you’re using VB you may prefer to use the Dapper.Advisor package instead of Dapper.AOT; this is the exact same analyzer package, but without the runtime library, since it will never be used).

Analyzers and interceptors are implemented via Roslyn, which supports C# and VB; no other languages are supported by Dapper.AOT or Dapper.Advisor.

Can I use the new data API directly instead of using vanilla Dapper?

We can’t physically stop you, but:

On your own head be it.

I’m still struggling

Maybe log an issue here.